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Intelligent Substation PTP Time Synchronization Application

The whole station has been configured with dual GPS/BDS time synchronization model CT-TSS2000C (which is manufactured by COVE), to synchronize the whole station time through PTP(IEEE1588). MMS+IEEE1588 share the network resources and synchronize time to related automation equipments. IEEE1588 /GOODS/SMV share network resources and synchronize time to protection & metering devices, intelligent terminals. 

1. System Structure

This application combines 2 redundant master clocks with PTP switch clock, to be organized as a 3 clocks system to synchronize time for all secondary equipments in the network, and to avoid the protection-relay system lockout when the switchover happens between the clocks.

This application requires that when the time server’s GPS/BDS and IRIG-B external source switch, the PTP(IEEE1588) time output jitter shall be less than 100ns, when PTP time source was chosen by the BMC arithmetic, it’s reference time jitter that output to network shall be less than 500ns.

This application provides 2 redundant GPS-BDS double satellite synchronization servers. They connect with each other through IRIG-B, then share GPS,BDS sources, to reduce error possibility of the time receiver. Each master clock provides 4 independent Ethernet ports which are separately connected to Network A and Network B in different layers. To guarantee that each network can share the time sync devices’ redundant resources, and does not transmit time data across the four networks.

Each network core PTP switch is set up as Pass through Clock and Ordinary Clock mode, Priority setting is lower than master clock, other network switch devices is set as slave mode.


2. Key Features:

2.1 Implement GOOSE, SMV and IEEE 1588 three-in-one network, each layer simply configure one time sync server, to realize the max. sharing of the information and decrease 2/3 of switches, equipments’ fiber interface decreased more than 80%.
2.2 The whole station use PTP to sync time. Time sync accuracy is much higher than NTP.   
2.3 This time sync system can receive time signal from GPS, BDS, PTP and IRIG-B, to guarantee the time accuracy when any one of these signals is lost, and ensure each layer’s master clock works synchronously and keep all automation equipments’ time synchronized.

Products that apply to this solution include:

CT-TSS2000C Time Synchronization System

CT-TSS3000 Grandmaster Clock + CT- KZ001 Time Code Distributor

CT-WTFS9000 Grandmaster Clock + CT- KZ002 Time Code Distributor