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CT-TMU100A Time Monitor

CT-TMU001A Time Monitor is a time sync management equipment which monitors and measures different type of input signals. It meets the demand of various industrial users for time monitoring and measuring, can be independently used in power industry, telecommunications, transportations as well as other related areas. It is also a part of the CT-WTFS9000 Wide Area Time & Frequency Synchronization System. 


Wide monitoring range: Comprehensively monitor all the clocks and terminals in all levels’ nodes

Modular hardware design: All the monitoring modules on the monitoring device can be also integrated in the timing equipments

Support time difference measurement: the time difference between external reference and the monitored device can be measured

Continuous on-line monitoring ability: All-day continuous monitoring, continuously provide effective monitoring data, convenient to analyze synchronization performance

Remote monitoring management: Available to share monitoring and measuring data via network management interfaces ( Ethernet or USB) , easy for remote monitoring and control

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