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CT-DZ600A Satellite Synchronous Clock
The CT-DZ600A Satellite Synchronous Clock (which is also a Network Time Server) is developed with modular hardware design in a 1U chassis. It receives GPS or Beidousatellite time source, supports multi-format outputs (
CT-DZ600E GPS Clock
The CT-DZ600E GPS Clock receives GPS time signal, supports multi-format time output, is widely used as an industrial-class time sync device for power plants, substations, railway stations, and other automation systems.
CT-GPS2003S GPS Clock
The CT-GPS 2003S NTP Time Server is designed with one Ethernet port to serve the computer networks or automation system through NTP or UDP protocol. With such cost effective solutions for network time, the cost of the ti
CT-GPS25 Series GPS Clock
The CT-GPS 25 GPS Clock is a 2U rack chassisdesigned for powerelectric system, supports Pulse and serial ouputsto provide the most precise time to the network mainly in the traditional power utilities substations and som
CT-TSS2000C Time Synchronization System
The CT-TSS2000C Time Synchronization System consists of CT-TSS2000C Grandmaster and CT-TSS2000C Time Code distributor. Each grandmaster receives GPS or/and Beidou as well as external time source (PTP, IRIG-B). While t
CT-DDT200 LED Digital Clocks
CT-DDT200/210 Series Digital Clock receives time signal from a master clock, supports NTP、IRIG-B、Serial and Wi-Fi input, provides highly visible time displaying in public places like hospital, school, train station
CT-TCS100A Time Tester
CT-TCS100A Time Tester is a comprehensive test instrument with high precision time signal measurement analysis and time synchronization functions. It can accurately measure the accuracy of multiple input time signals,
CT-003 Series OCXO
CT 003 Series Oscillator (OCXO) is made up of a high Q value、high-precision and low aging quartz crystal element. It combines the constant temperature technology, voltage control technology, micro processing technol
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