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COVE Time Servers are GPS based satellite synchrounized clock, which not only receive time base from GPS satellite, but also output time to different terminals, is a flexible device for network in many areas like power, rail, IT, etc.
CT-DZ600A Satellite Synchronous Clock
The CT-DZ600A Satellite Synchronous Clock (which is also a Network Time Server) is developed with modular hardware design in a 1U chassis. It receives GPS or Beidousatellite time source, supports multi-format outputs (
CT-DZ600E GPS Clock
The CT-DZ600E GPS Clock receives GPS time signal, supports multi-format time output, is widely used as an industrial-class time sync device for power plants, substations, railway stations, and other automation systems.
CT-DZ600B Time & Frequency Sync Server
The DZ600B Time & Frequency Sync Server receives both GPS and BDS satellite signal simultaneously, provides up to 8 x 1PPS , 8 x10MHz low phase noise frequency and Serial outputs, is a time and frequency synchroniza