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Become a Partner Customer Reference

COVE products have been connecting the Chinese market since 2000. We offer a wide range of Time and Frequency Synchronization products with many different applications and we are well-known throughout the industry for quality, reliability and innovation. Are you looking to be a COVE Reseller or Certified Partner? Are our products an ideal fit to be integrated with your products? Are you a service provider looking to partner with COVE to offer your customers our high-quality products? Find out how in this section. 

Benefits to be COVE Distribution Partner

Authorized distribution partner will get:

1. Discount pricing for distribution

2. Free test of new product demo

3. Direct product training and technical support from COVE

4. Marketing materials and high definition pictures from COVE for their own marketing use

5. Dedicated support based on marketing events cost

6. Marketing assistance from COVE on many media networks

7. Marketing protection

Responsibilities for Authorized Distribution Partner

Authorized distribution partner should:

1. Provide pre-sales and after-sales service to your resellers

2. Provide product training and technical support to your resellers

3. Maintain accurate information on your official website to synchronize updates with COVE official website

To become COVE distribution partner, please contact sales@cove.cn for more information.