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Thank you for purchasing COVE product. We hope you will enjoy using it. If you have any technical problems, you can send mail to support@cove.cn for further inquiry.If you need return the COVE products for maintenance or replacement, please fill in the RMA Request Form with detail info. And please check the detail terms of warranty before you require RMA. During the warranty period, should the product prove defective in workmanship and/or materials, COVE ’s RMA center will repair the product and/or replace the defective components or the defective product on following terms:

Warranty Period
12 months for replacement, 36 months for maintenance.

1.Warranty period takes effect on the date of shipment of the COVE products from COVE office.
2.This warranty does not award any right to compensation or cover of losses inflicted due to any alteration of the product for the purpose of matching it with national or local standards and safety regulations enforced in any country other than the country where the product was first purchased, without COVE ’s prior written permission. 
3.This warranty will not apply if the product model has been defaced, modified, removed or is illegible.
4.The customer is responsible for the cost of shipping the product to COVE for repair. This includes the cost of incoming freight charges as well as any applicable customs fees, duty, taxes, brokerage fees and document preparation fees.
5.For in-warranty product, freight charges for return shipment to the customer will be paid by COVE. For out-of warranty product, freight charges for return shipment will be paid by the customer.
6.COVE 's RMA Department will carefully test and evaluate all returned products, and will repair or replace components/products that are under warranty at no charge. (Any acts of nature or conditions of misuse are not covered under warranty.) When COVE can not duplicate the problem or condition causing the return, the unit will be returned to the customer as-is.
7.The replacement product will be carefully selected to match the condition of original product. In the event that the product has been terminated or there is a lack of replacement parts, COVE reserves the right to replace the malfunction product with an equivalent product. Replacement products may be new or reconditioned.
8.The warrant period on repairs is 90 days from the shipment date of the repaired product to the customer or the remaining warranty period, whichever is longer.
9.This warranty does not cover:                                                               
Any adaptation and/or modification for the purpose of improvement and enhancement of the product’s usual range of application as described in the user guide without COVE prior written permission.     
Damages due to :  
1).Misuse, including but not limited to: (a) use of the product for the purpose other than that it is designed for, or failure to follow COVE user guide, and (b) product installation or operation in conditions other than specified by the standards and safety regulations enforced in the country of operation;
2).Repair by anyone except for COVE  RMA center or dealers;
3).Accident, lightning, water, fire, improper ventilation and other causes that does not come under COVE control;
4).Shipment except for the cases when it is carried out by the RMA;

This warranty does not infringe upon customer’s legal rights given to him by the laws currently enforced in his country as well as consumer’s rights toward the dealer arising from the sales contract.