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CT-DDT200 LED Digital Clocks
CT-DDT200/210 Series Digital Clock receives time signal from a master clock, supports NTP、IRIG-B、Serial and Wi-Fi input, provides highly visible time displaying in public places like hospital, school, train station
CT-003 Series OCXO
CT 003 Series Oscillator (OCXO) is made up of a high Q value、high-precision and low aging quartz crystal element. It combines the constant temperature technology, voltage control technology, micro processing technol
CT- Optional Modules
The Time Synchronization System series products use the modular design on time signals output units. The modular design offers flexible and expandable output signals portfolio thus can effectively feed a wide range of
The CT-NTP010A PCI card is developed as a network time card which can be integrated in PC, to receive time signal from GPS/BDS satellite and provide time source to the entire computer network via NTP protocol.